Optimise maintenance plans & ensure compliance


With Infraspeak and SFG20, you can rest assured that your buildings are properly maintained and compliant with current legislation.

Quick & Easy

Infraspeak’s integration with SFG20 imbues our platform with the knowledge of this digital maintenance library, including hundreds of maintenance task schedules that cover different equipment types.

The SFG20 API solution provides the latest updates directly to Infraspeak’s Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform, eliminating the need for manual data input.

Why integrate Infraspeak with SFG20?

SFG20's maintenance schedules are an essential tool for facilities managers, building owners, contractors and consultants to help save time, energy and money, whilst remaining compliant.

Service Quality
Optimal Maintenance
Optimal Maintenance
Service Quality

Compliance with up-to-date legislation.

SFG20 releases frequent technical bulletins and updates schedules as UK legislation changes, ensuring you are always working to the latest standard.

Infraspeak will notify you when a deadline is coming up and will provide intelligent alerts when there isn’t a plan assigned to an asset.

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Optimal asset maintenance.

By uploading SFG20’s maintenance plans to your Infraspeak, you’ll be able to easily identify different planned jobs types, how often a task needs to be carried out, and what skill set would be required to complete it.

This will help you avoid over or under maintenance and optimise your resource allocation.

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High standards, higher service quality.

Use SFG20 information as a template for your PPM operations and provide custom tailored services to each of your customers, ensuring all requirements are met on a bespoke basis.

By integrating Infraspeak with SFG20, you are giving customers a clearer vision of asset and maintenance needs, as well as reassurance that buildings are properly maintained and businesses aren’t interrupted with unnecessary downtime.

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The Most Integrated Maintenance Management Platform Around

You can connect Infraspeak to software solutions and IoT technology that facility managers and maintenance teams use on a daily basis.

Property Management Systems (PMS), analytics platforms, loads of communication and productivity tools, CRMs, ERPs, Building Management Systems, Energy Management, you name it!

"Infraspeak has revolutionised the way we work. Before It was quite hard for me to understand what was done and what wasn't. With Infraspeak it is just easy. The team doesn't even ask me what to do anymore, they just do it."

Mike Kelley, Sundeala

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