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Negócio • Dados & KPIs

Como tomar decisões mais informadas e analisar resultados?

Acompanhar os KPIs certos • Medir os KPIs certos permite-lhe ter uma visão muito mais abrangente sobre a performance da sua equipa, do estado da sua operação e daquilo que funciona.

Usar relatórios detalhados • O acesso a relatórios detalhados sobre cada parte da sua operação permite-lhe provar resultados e suportar as suas decisões.

Team • Efficiency
Business • Data & KPIs
Operations • Technology
Business • Data & KPIs
Team • Efficiency
Operations • Technology

How can you make informed decisions and analyse results?

Track the right KPIs • Measuring the right KPIs gives you a better overview of your team's performance, the status of your operation, and what's working.

Use detailed reports • Access to detailed reports about each part of your operation allows you to assess results and support your decisions.

Business • Data & KPIs

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How can you provide world-class services in 2021?

Operations • Technology

Digital transformation • Invest towards process digitisation across the board, including in maintenance.

More than a CMMS • Unlike a CMMS, an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform (IMMP) allows you to integrate all parts of your operation, including external software and hardware.

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How can you have a more efficient maintenance department?

Team • Efficiency

Centralise information • When all the info is easily accessible, everyone knows what to do and how.

Automate processes • With less paper, bureaucracy, and manual processes, the whole team is free for the tasks that really matter.

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The Mobile App Means...

A Solution In the Field

Technicians · Housekeeping Team · External Teams

Technicians actually use Infraspeak, ending frustration while increasing the quality and the amount of data collected.

Infraspeak processes all data and turns it into the intelligence you need to make better decisions and support them.

Facilities · Maintenance Managers · Hotel Manager

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The Web Interface Generates...

Better information leads to intelligent operations. Your business runs smoothly, your team and customers will thank you.

Field Teams · Service Providers · Clients or Staff

Intelligent Operations

Infraspeak Direct enables...

Without a doubt, a must-have tool for any Facility Manager looking to provide world-class services.

Filipe Soares,

Chief Engineer

Easy to use, good customer support, versatile, and able to import a lot of external data.

Renato Marçalo,

Facility Manager

Otávio Teixeira,

Chief Engineer

Easy to use. Developed with the technician in mind.

A solution that's perfectly adjusted to the industry and the flexibility of Infraspeak's team is certainly a plus.

Geraldo Dias,

Operations Manager

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