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Who should attend?

We are an engaged community interested in the future of the sector, eager to learn and share experiences, success stories and failures. It’s an active group, dedicated to providing high-value content and opportunities for discussion and networking.

The IFM Community is made up of Maintenance and Facility Management professionals from all over the world (UK, Spain, Portugal, Brazil...) who share an interest in democratising maintenance.

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A podcast dedicated to shedding light on the most interesting questions in Facilities Management and Maintenance Management.

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Innovative Maintenance and FM (Free) Programme

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We have several members from the UK,willing to help and support each other in the age of Maintenance 5.0.

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The IFM Community is an opportunity to better understand the paradigm shift of Maintenance 5.0 and prepare for the challenges ahead.

You’ll have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with leading players in the Maintenance and Facility Management industry.

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